Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WFN Round 1

My list

Coteaz 100
Inquisitor- rad and psykotrok grenades level 1 psyker hammer hand 3 servo skulls  94

5 Purifiers- 2 psy cannons hammer halberd rhino with dozers and searchlights 193
5 Purifiers- 2 psy cannons hammer rhino with dozers and searchlights 191

5 Strikes- psy cannon master crafted hammer razorback with psybolts searchlights and dozers 181
5 Strikes- psy cannon master crafted hammer razorback with psybolts searchlights and dozers 181
5 Strikes- psy cannon master crafted hammer razorback with psybolts searchlights and dozers 181
5 Strikes- psy cannon master crafted hammer razorback with psybolts searchlights and dozers 181
10 Death Cult Assasins 150

Dread- 2 twin linked auto cannons psy bolts searchlights 136
Dread- 2 twin linked auto cannons psy bolts searchlights 136
Land Raider Redeemer- Multi melta, psybolts searchlights extra armor 276
And my opponents list (from memory)

2 overlords with warscythes and mindshackles
5 units of 5 warriors- there were 2 crypteks with solar pulses, 6 crypteks with lances, and 2 lords with warscythes and mindshackles
5 Ghost arcs
3 Anhilation barges

All the crypteks were smattered about with the warriors, the 2 pulses went with one, the 6 lances went in groups on 2 in 3 other units, and the 2 lords joined the 2 overlords for a mini death star in the last.

Well going into this game I didn't really know what to expect since I have never played against this style army. Pretty much every necron list I've ever tested against has wither been scarab spam or wraith spam.

The mission was kill points and spear head.

I won the roll for first and took it, I deployed very aggressivel, and started walking my army up 6". I made a point to keep the raider away from his 4 warscythes, since that was his only decent chance at killing it.  My shooting proved largely inffective since most of hist stuff was either unshootable due to night fight or in cover, I don't think I did anything meaningful on my turn 1.

On his turn he returned the favor and shot up a rhino, everything else was insignificant. After that I kept pushing forward and he popped his second solar pulse, I believe on this turn I wrecked an anhilation barge. Most of my strike squad guys also got out to get some psy cannon shots. For the next 2 turns we traded kill points pretty evenly, I think by the end of turn 4 the score was 3-2 him with me destroying 2 anhilation barges and him killing 3 rhinos.

Playing against this style necron build reminded me alot of playing against mech eldar. My opponent used the board edges to maximize the distance between our armies and used soar pulses to get 2 more turns of shooting than the other army. I found it to be very interesting at least.

Back to the game! On my top of 5 I was down a kill point and honestly I expected a minor loss, draw, or minor win for the game at this point. I had to play a little aggressively to try to pull ahead, my land raider (after 2 turns of missing with the multi melta within 12") had finally managed to hit and wreck a ghost arc. That tied up the game. Then I believe its assualt cannon penetrated and shook another ghost arc, however now that it's been penned my dreadnaught tore into it. And lastly I unloaded a solid 24 psy cannon shots into his last anhilation barge, killing it. That was a really great turn 5, and on the chance it went to 6 I was starring at 2 warrior squads with my deathcults.

The way the point for the mission worked out if you had 1-2 more KP's then it was a minor win, 3 is a major win, and 4+ is a masacre. Right now after my turn 5 I was looking at 2.

His turn's shooting proved largely ineffective, killing nothing, but he had set up a charge with his death star with 4 warscythes on a strike squad. He was actually going to rapid fire his warriors which were attached to the lords and I reminded him that he couldn't charge if he did so. He then thanked me and charged in. I casted sactuary from coteaz who was in the land raider and a warrior and a lord (not overlord) died to dangerous. Then 1 sword and 1 psy cannon fialed their mindshackles, but my hammer passed. my 2 swords went first killing 1 warrior, my sword and cannon that fought myself did nothing. His return warcythe and warrior swings allowed me to allocate just 1 armor save to the hammer and have everyone else die. (since all of his attacks were at initiative 1 from sactuary) My hammer swung into his lord and force weaponed him. I had done 5 wounds to his 4 and won combat by 1. He failed his leadership 9 test and was caught by the one space marine. So in a combat in which the necrons charged and should have won, giving them a kill point, they lost and ran away giving me 3... It's incredibly ironic since I actually stoopped him from rapid firing so that he could charge but it hindsight his charge is what gave me the masacre!

I was now up 8 kill points to 3, and the game ended. It was a good game, not stressful at all, ad pretty tactical. I deffinitely enjoyed, althoguh I did have some pretty awesome luck!

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