Monday, March 12, 2012

Back From WFN!

Well I'm certainly pleased to say that I won best overall at WFN (by about 20 points or so) and had a great time! The missions, while not standard were actually really well done and surprisingly awesome! Although it was the event;s first year an donly 24 people attended I highly, highly reccomend it for you guys next year.

On a simillar note, my friends Brad Nichols won best general, Eric Hoerger won 2nd best overall, and Bob Evers won best painted. 

I will have battle reports coming soon!


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  2. Look forward to running it again next year as well.

    Well done Nick.

    -Brad Park

    P.S. Brad Nichols won 2nd best general, John Morgan was best general and the only local to win something so thought I should voice it. Also all results can be found here:

  3. You're a damn lucky git. Thanks for helping me get up there; hopefully I'll have your head at colonial!

  4. I'll let you two duke it out on the lower tables, fighting for my scraps!

    No one can conquer my new, uber list.

  5. ha! There can be ONLY one ANdrew!