Friday, August 19, 2011

Tyranids took ard boyz! Round 1

So I don't have enough time to do a full set of 3 real battle reports, but here's some brief descriptions of my games.

The list I brought was,

Swarmlord 280
2 Guard- lash whips 130
10 ymgarls 230
3 hive guard 150
3 hive guard 150
4 Tervigons- adrenals, sacs, catalyst, clusters 195 ea. (1 was HQ)
3 units of 10 gaunts 50 ea.
3 Trygons- adrenals 210 ea.

Round one I got paired up against a space marine bike ulkan list played by a friend of mine, Ben.

His list from memory,
Captain on bike- relic blade, combi melta
Command Squad- apothecary, bikes, 4 plasma guns
2 units of 5 bikes- 2 meltas, combi melta, multi melta attack bike
2 units of 5 bikes- 2 flamers, combi flamer, multi melta attack bike
5 TH SS termies
Land Raider Redeemer- multi melta
Random techmarine
3 Vindicaters
3 lone land speeders- MM HF

It's got some nteresting stuff. It has all the tools it needs. It just depends how he plays it. From my perspective if he plays properly I have no business winning this game.

The mission was pitched battle, modified KP's. We each gave the opponent traitor, if we kill the traitor he's worth 5 KP's. He gave me a bike, I gave him a guant.

I won the roll for first and took it. I deployed with a gaunt wall up, and a wall of monsters and hive guard behind. I left one squad of gaunts with the traitor in reserve.

He deployed in a refused flank set up with eveything in one corner. This was his mistake since I could bring my whole army at him in one direction. Had he deployed in both corners I would have had to split up, and he could have used his superior mobility to isolate and destroy me.

With the stealers I had to make a decion, whether they should come up in a terrain piece near teh heart of his army, or a terrain piece in the center. The one closer to him was riskier since he could block it off entirely if he saw it coming, but id he didn't I could win the game right there. I chose to go the safe route and put them in the center. On a side note he made no effort ro cover the terrain piece near him.

Turn 1 I moved up and shot a vindicator or something. i'm almost half way up the field after running and everything. Then he pushed forward on his first turn, blew awa my gants and almost killed a trygon. My next turn the ymgarls came in and multi charged 2 biker squads, one of which had the traitor. I also put I threw the wounded trygon out to die in order to kill the land raider, but failed. The hive guard started blowing open speeders. And I moved up some more and replemished my gaunt wall. Also, I made the bikes and traitor run off the table.

He then shot me to bits, I think he killed all of my gaunts, the wounded trygon and a fresh tervigon. He only killed 5 stealers, thanks to FNP and cover. Vulkan and his boys got out and charges a trygon and raped him. I rebuttled with spawning gaunts everywhere tying up all of his remaining bikes. Throwing swarlord at vulkan and instakilling him. The stealers ate a vidicater and so did the hive guard. At this point the game was just clean up. His shooting was next to gone. My army was in combat. His only countercharge unit was not going to get free from swarmlord. The only thing he really has is his land raider.

The game ends 25-0 I believe after bonus points.

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